Thursday, February 26, 2015

Barlow Family Outtakes

I love outtake and candid photography - it just screams personality!  While posed photos capture everything nice and neatly, outtakes from those shots can show the real story! haha!! With our silly family, sometimes all you get are outtakes...but I cherish even those because they capture who we are - imperfections and all.

It snowed again last night!  Six solid inches of the fluffy, heavy, wet snow that isn't great for sledding, but perfect for snowmen and snowball fights.  I'm trying to get over some bronchitis, so I was stuck inside while the littles ventured out to play.  They have gotten old enough that I can trust them to play a few minutes unattended.  We are fortunate to live far off the main highway, so Bella can romp around with them as well.  I keep all of the window blinds up so I can sneak lots of peeks...and capture unsuspected photos along the way.  ;)

Here are some outtake shots from their adventures...

I really hope that was clean snow...have we had the yellow snow talk????

Out. Of. Control

"Bella, get on the sled."

"It will be fun!"  (She looks like she totally believes them, no?)

Aaaand, breaking loose now!

Let's throw snowballs at Mama!  (Good thing there was a door between us!!) one point I look out to find this...they are cleaning the snow off my car...with a paint stir stick...good thing it is an old car...but they get an A for effort, for sure.

"Can't hold on much looooonger!"

Colin being a good sport...a few years ago, this would have ensued in a war...

More good sportage...

Have I mentioned he's a good sport??

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diary of a Snow Storm...

It finally happened.  We got our first snow of the season this past Monday.  I'm really not a snow person, but I do love that the boys got the opportunity to do some sledding - Les was even off work on Tuesday to join in on the fun.  With temps staying steadily below freezing, and tomorrow's high barely in double digits, it ain't goin' anywhere, either.  AGH! Cabin fevah!! The littles may not have school at all this week.

For this week's Capture Real Life in 52 weeks course, our prompt was nature, and though this wasn't what I had in mind for working on this week, at least it was a nature event that kept me from it.  

Here's our winter storm in photos starting with the first few (giganormous flakes) that started falling late Monday afternoon.

Rather spot on observation from my phone...

Image of the sky the next day - true to Carolina Blue form...

Across the way, there's a nice bank for sledding...BUT the ditch at the end is always a wee shocking to the system.

Someone is determined to jump the ditch at the bottom...

Alas, it gets him anyway the next time down...

Seems there's an even deeper side ditch, as Colin discovers after being swallowed whole.

To all my northern US blog buddies and readers, hats off to you for putting up with this far more often than we do!! I couldn't imagine dealing with snow the depths or frequency of which y'all have this year.  

How much snow have you seen this winter?  Anyone else ready for Spring???

Friday, February 13, 2015

I've Convinced Him of Chickens...Now....Alpacas, Anyone?

If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed a turning of events over at the Barlow household.  Someone changed his mind regarding the foot down on "We're never having chickens."   I'm not sure why or exactly when my luck turned in this department, but you better believe I'm on to asking oh-so-sweetly (i.e. begging till he breaks -muahahaha!!!) for an alpaca after that!  ;)

Becaaaaause.... alpaca's have the greatest, snuggliest fluff for spinning into yarn...and as of late, I'm a bit all like:

(As long as it can be done on a loom...'cause, well, you know...I still haven't actually learned to knit or anything.)  

My latest little guilty pleasure (I'm way too boring for anything scandalous) is making warm, chunky, infinity scarves...and for this you need yarn...and for yarn? You need alpacas, right???

Cue collective "dawwwwwww!" 

How can anyone possibly say no to that face??? 

(I'll be sure and keep you updated!) 

It should be noted this post is for inclusion in my Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks course.  This week's prompt is "Guilty Pleasures."  That term has always eeked me out a little.  Maybe eeked isn't the right term there, but I'm a big believer (after soooooo many years of being waaaay self-conscious) in being cool with liking what you like.  Own it, girls! However, I know this is all in fun, so I decided to capture what I'm into at the very current moment.  (I've been known to hop around from one crafty obsession to another...alas.)  I'm sure my yarn "needs" will never necessitate alpaca you can breathe a sigh of relief there, Mom.  (Hi Mom!) The grand-chicks thing, though??  I can make no promises.  :)  <--Smiling sweetly...

Thursday, February 12, 2015 Photos

Well, hello, February!

Still slightly sub-arctic here...Bella says, "Thank goodness for layers!"

Cam's birthday party, on the 30th of January, was a success! (Even though I forgot to buy wrapping paper and had to wing it with a DIY version...)

Dreaming of warm sunshine-y days!

The birthday boy!!

Last Sunday (February 8th), this dude celebrated an even bigger day...the biggest day of his life, really.  He accepted Christ at our new church!!! I never thought anything could compare to the day of his birth, but watching Camden pray at the alter was the most beautiful, amazing thing.  That night, when I was tucking him into bed, he said, "I can't stop smiling, Mama.  I'm just so happy!" Les and I are beyond grateful to have found such a loving church in Mount Pleasant Baptist - the timing could not have been more perfect.

80's kids, do you remember these??  Oh my!!! The Roller Racer!!!! (I may or may not have been just a little excited about this!)

The Cabbage Patch I made Cam (right), with the one mom made me (left) when I was little! 

Not enjoying that Roller Racer one bit...nope, nope, nope. ;) 

 Cam gave us all a little impromptu tap performance at his party!

Homework time...(with a side of Star Wars Legos)

Les is taking Operation Barlow Homestead very seriously...Bella is a wee bored with it all.

You know your husband is fully accepting of all your weirdness when he doesn't even bat an eye at you running headlong outside at 10:45pm to snap pics of the "COOLEST looking moon!!"

What have you been up to lately?  How's February treating you so far?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

52 Weeks

Sooooooo....we've just barely entered the second month of the year and I'm already behind on my 52 week project challenge.  Mur.  Obviously, I need a kick in the pants to get it in gear.  Enter the A Beautiful Mess class, "Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks."  Did these ladies read my lacking-in-creativity mind?? I'm seriously stoked to have come across this class which has prompts and tips for getting those 52 captures.  Sometimes I just need a little guidance , a little "nudge, nudge"... and the structure of an actual class helps too! ;)  If you are interested in enrolling, you can find out more here.   The class also includes challenges where you put together a mini album along with each week's photo lesson...I'm probably just going to stick to posting online, though.

This week, we were asked to capture our mornings and evenings.  Our mornings and evenings are eerily  similar.  We are not morning people, for sure...and while getting up is not our cup of tea we like to put off going to bed like there is no tomorrow.  Anyone else like that?  The boys getting-up-grump is pretty much expressed the same as when it's time to go to bed!

Thus, here are the interchangeable morning and evening faces...

While Les is over there somewhere, this diva-dog face is the one I wake up next to every morning.  Seriously, y'all??  I just can't... half the time she steals the entire pillow...and she snores!

Morning must-have...this coffee flavor is my all-time fav!! They don't offer it year-round, so when we find it, we stock up!

I'm really looking forward to this class! Anyone else signed up?  Please share your link so I can follow you. :D